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We will help you launch your business online.  If you have an existing presence, we will revitalize your brand and create an engaging presence of dynamic content, and easy customer workflow.


Create the Response You Need

As you work with us, we will assist you in defining your target markets and create the necessary call-to-actions that allow your customers to connect with you in the most optimal way to maximize your growth.


Develop a Robust Social Media Presence

Using all facets of social media, we will help you attain the correct balance of social media presence you need to communicate with all your customers in the way that complements their social media behavior.


Have People Start Talking About You

We will help you utilize the right techniques to become the subject matter expert in your field, the "go to" person or company on the block. That way your clients and future clients will come to your site to read your comments and share your content by leveraging their network for you.


Global Workflow = Projects Completed Faster, More Efficient

With developers on our team located all over the world, we minimize product development times by maximizing global work periods. Full internet projects that usually take 6-8 weeks to develop now take only 2 weeks with Avellana Web Desgin Group!


Let Us Be Your One Stop Shop

From domain management, hosting and web development to social media, email marketing, e-commerce,we'll do it all for you. Then rest easy as we manage the whole process for you from website development to hosting, domain management, social media and SEO.





why go with awdgWhy Go With Avellana Web Design Group?

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We are committed to providing you the best in design and development of your internet presence. Allow us to create or recreate your website, add more functionality to your current design, or show you different methods to enhance your presence through dynamic content. View our services to the left of the site and contact us today to begin the process. You will not be disappointed. 

At Avellana Web Design Group, you are one click away from bringing the world to your business. 
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Design and Development

It's all about projecting your brand vision.

Whether you are selling products or requesting information from existing or new customers, your product/brand must be at the forefront. Think of your product as the "Coke" of soft drinks or the "Kleenex" of tissues- it's a common and interchangeable name that continues to resonate even after a customer leaves. That's what we at Avellana Web Design can do for you.

There are many facets that you can incorporate into your web presence including animation, Podcasting, e-mail blasts, blogging, on-line forms, database administration, search engine optimization, RSS feeds, audio and video feeds all of which we can do for you but before you run out the door and say, "I want it all", let me reel you back in and take some baby steps with you first. Believe me, the baby steps that we take together will go a long way in creating the right foundation for your web site to stand on and ultimately give you exactly what you need for your business.

Domain Management

Do you ever find yourself lost and wondering what is my domain? .com, .net, .mobi, .gov, .edu, and the list goes on! Well, I have great news for you! Let Avellana Web Design be your one stop shop in design, development, hosting, and domain management.

Through our process, we'll help you pick a domain that works for you and your company, then leave the rest of the work to us. We'll make find that domain for you (if it's not already taken), register it for you and then point the necessary servers to it so we can begin to develop your website on it. It's that simple!

Or if you have an existing domain and are tired of the exorbitant costs, let Avellana Web Design Group manage your domain and ease your financial burden by moving your domain to a less expensive domain company.


As you begin to develop your website, you'll need to place your domain with a hosting company that will basically host or serve up your whole website to the whole internet. Now you're probably scratching your head wondering what to do, how to do it and get going pretty quick. That's where we come in - we'll do that for you. We've partnered with a hosting company called E Host Solution for over 15 years and have developed a pretty sound relationship with them. What that means for you is that you don't need to worry! We'll handle the hosting from our end and make sure that your site is up on the internet and continues to stay up so that you can relax and be confident that your site is doing it's job ... because we are! 

Content Management Systems

The new buzz word of the day is: CMS or Content Mangement Systems. And yes it's very catchy- why? Because it truly allows the client to take full ownership of the content of the site updating the site in a very timely manner or whatever their schedule permits.

At Avellana Web Design Group, we use two very functional development platforms in PHP called Joomla and WordPress which allows us to architect your site and then, "leave the keys to you". It's a fun process because we teach you how to manage your data and update the site and then let you go and watch you FLY. I didn't say fall, or drop as we'll be with you as you take your "test flight" and will continue to be there until you're ready to go on your own. One of the most exciting things for us is to teach people "how to fish" and not fish for them.

Search Engine Optimization

"Number 1, number 2, number 3, the first page..."

That's what we want to achieve! We want to bring your website to the forefront of all search engines and create such a ruckus that you don't know what to do with so many visitors and potential customers visiting your site! Our search engine optimization technique allow us to take a site that we're developing for you or a site that you already have and perform the necessary tweaks to ensure that people see you! No, it's not a game of hide and seek, rather, it's a game of come to the party! Who's giving it? Why you of course and the whole internet community is invited.

Social Media Development and Management and Email Marketing

"Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Intagram, Posterous, YouTube, Periscope, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Exact Target, etc."

The list goes on and on and on.  But the crazy thing is - which one is best for you and your company?  At Avellana Web Design Group, we will help you develop a comprehensive social media/Email marketing plan of action that touches all your customer segments and creates integration among all communication vehicles that you use to generate the right result and truly engage your customers where they are most comfortable at.

What are you waiting for? Call us today 317.281.4482 or click here to fill out our on-line form and get started on taking your site to the next level!

Recent Work

Here are some samples of the great web projects, SEO development, and social media campaigns that we've completed:

Meet Our Team

Passionate web developers, talented designers, and solid infrastructure staff.

Antonio Avellana

Antonio Avellana

President and Founder
"Our focus is to create a viable online presence that connects your company with your customers fostering interaction, engagement, and forward activity."

Eric Kagerer

"Proactively developing a back-end framework for you that ensures stability and scalability for all your needs."
pam penneman

Pam Penneman

Web Developer
"Utilizing out of the box techniques meshed with proven development guidelines and tools delivering the highest quality our work product for you."

JR Montano

CMS Developer
"Building a strategy where you, the subject matter experts in the field can easily contribute content to your site allowing for customers and guests to follow your path."
Amy Baragree

Amy Baragree

Graphic Design
"Using the fabric of your mosaic to create unique and high quality graphics that can move your company forward."

John Reichanadter

Photographer and Image Creator
"We aspire to create your company image through our images developing and generating a favorable customer response that intrigues and invites."

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